CPoweredTM Performance Solutions

CPower’s Total Metering Solution eliminates the stress and risk of meter ownership by providing customers with an up-to-date, secure, reliable CPower Meter—installed and serviced by CPower experts.

Our CPowered™ Total Metering Solution streamlines CPower meter ownership and provides a low cost, end-to-end solution that reduces the risk and concerns associated with meter downtime, increases reliability and security and provides the framework for automation necessary for monetizing dispatchable distributed energy resources such as generators and storage batteries.

The Total Metering Solution is exactly that—a total solution that combines all hardware and service costs in one low-cost subscription that eliminates upfront and out-of-pocket costs. That means no upfront costs for installing a new meter or replacing existing ones. It also means no out-of-pocket service calls, repairs, updates or cell services. Everything—along with CPower’s world class 24/7 monitoring and validation—is covered in your low, fixed monthly subscription fee.*

*Subscription fees are automatically deducted from CPower demand response payments. 


Brought to life and optimized by the CPower Team of Experts.

At CPower, we understand that the most effective kind of demand-side energy management is people-powered.

Customers choose CPower because of our people and the caring expertise they possess.

The term “CPowered” is our way of stamping a program or process with CPower’s people-powered approach, an approach that’s unrivaled in the industry.

The CPoweredCPoweredTM Total Metering Solution includes:

  • Installation of your new or replacement CPower meter—up to date, highly secure, and reliable technology
  • Complete service coverage including repairs and equipment replacement for the life of the meter
  • All updates including data, secure cellular service, and complete management of your meters and data
  • Access to CPower’s secure CPower App, to monitor all of your energy usage, curtailment program participation, and payments on your desktop and mobile device
  • All hardware and software needed to participate in Automated DR, including our proprietary CPower Link® API

No one else provides this level of meter service at this low, fixed monthly cost. Our goal is to provide an exceptional customer experience, the best possible metering security, and technology we can provide, and trusted service that enables you to optimize your performance and maximize your savings and earnings.

Once your organization is enrolled in the optimal combination of program solutions, CPower then tailors our proprietary performance solutions to suit your unique needs. 

You’re ready for the future. CPower can help you pay for it.

Earn revenue with DERs.
Keep your customers happy. Help the grid.
CPower can help you do it all.

Distributed energy resources—like energy storage, solar PV, fuel cells, wind generation, combined heat and power, and more—are not only enhancing the way grid operators balance energy demand and supply, they’re helping commercial and industrial organizations offset their energy spends.

CPower Link, our proprietary application programming interface (API), creates an integrated automatic DR platform to turn your DER asset into a dispatchable asset, ready to engage when the grid is in need.

What is Demand-Side Energy Management?

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