We serve more than 2,500 commercial and industrial customers at 27,000+ sites in the US.

We have teams of energy experts that live and work in each of the country’s deregulated energy markets as well as several regulated areas. 

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The Pennsylvania-Jersey-Maryland Interconnection (PJM) coordinates the flow of wholesale electricity in 13 states – PA, NJ, MD, OH, WV, DE, VA, KY, TN, IN, IL, MI

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New England

CPower helps organizations in New England (ME, VT, NH, MA, RI, CT) participate in the ISO-NE’s Forward Capacity Market, through which the ISO procures the required capacity they think they will need years in advance of the delivery year when the energy will actually be used.

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New York

Across the country, technological innovation and the increasing competitiveness of renewable energy resources are enhancing the way America generates, distributes, manages, and consumes electricity. New York State has taken a leadership role in the way our nation’s electrical grids will meet the future to ensure consumers benefit from the industry’s evolution.

CPower can help monetize your energy assets in the Empire State.

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The Lone Star State bustles with economic growth and opportunity. Demand for electricity in Texas continues to grow as well. CPower can help your organization keep the grid in balance while you earn with demand response and save with peak demand management.

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It’s an exciting time to be an energy-consuming organization in California. That’s because we’re on the cusp of a new era in clean energy. Our drive toward generating 100% of our state’s energy by way of renewable sources by the middle of this century is one no other state can match.

CPower wants to help your organization lead California toward a more sustainable future with demand-side energy management.

CPower can help monetize your energy assets in the Empire State.

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Offset rising capacity prices by earning revenue for using less energy, achieve your ESG goals, and help make your community more sustainable. CPower can show you how to do it all with demand response.

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Learn about a few of the demand-side energy management opportunities in US deregulated energy markets.

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What is Demand-Side Energy Management?

Learn the fundamentals with CPower’s Demand-Side Energy Management 101 video series.



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