DER Monetization ​

UnDERstanding Distributed Energy Resource Monetization​

Earn the Most Value from your DERs​ ​

A Distributed Energy Resource (DER) is any grid-connected asset that consumes, generates or stores electricity and can respond to a signal. DER monetization lets you earn revenue from your DERs by providing grid services such as participating in emergency capacity demand response, selling excess energy back to the grid and offering ancillary services to the grid.

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DERs Give the Grid the Flexibility it Needs​​​ ​

CPower makes DER monetization easier and more rewarding by using customer resources to strengthen the grid when and where reliable, dispatchable resources are needed most. Sometimes, the demand for energy outpaces the grid’s ability to supply it, which can cause brownouts or blackouts. Instead of producing more energy at great expense to consumers and the environment, a grid operator can balance the grid by paying energy users to use less electricity when demand exceeds supply. As the nation’s largest DER Monetization provider, CPower helps you make the most you can from conserving energy by unlocking the full value of your DERs.

CPoweredTM Solutions for Any Challenge

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Demand Response

Get paid for helping the grid by reducing load.

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Energy Storage

Turn on-site capacity into revenue.

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Distributed Generation

Maximize resilience and shorten the payback period of solar, wind, and other generation assets.

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Energy Efficiency

Monetize permanently reduced demand.

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Peak Demand Management

Lower your capacity charges by reducing energy when the grid is peaked.

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