DER Owners and Operators

Distributed Energy Resource Project Developers and Owners

CPower helps developers of distributed energy resources projects expand nationwide.

As the nation’s largest DER monetization and virtual power plant (VPP) provider, CPower helps DER owners and operators expand their portfolios by enabling end-use customers to justify their DER investments and achieve their goals. Developers and energy users make more projects pencil out and succeed because CPower identifies monetization opportunities upfront and then optimizes DERs to earn more grid services revenue and increase on-bill savings. We also mitigate risks for owners and operators and end users, so that they can focus on maximizing project returns.

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Making DER Projects Pencil Financially

If you are a DER owner and operator trying to fund a project, calculating the returns that a project would yield and demonstrating where they would come from improves your chances of receiving financing. CPower’s EnerWise® Site Optimization technology creates project proformas that get projects greenlighted by evaluating site-specific performance data and energy market options. You can then use the same optimization solution used to justify DER investments to execute hourly asset scheduling and dispatch to deliver on forecasted revenue. 

In working with CPower and our technology, you can:

    • Make compelling customer proposals supported by reliable, detailed proformas backed by experts in unlocking combined revenue from grid services and on-bill savings.  
    • Increase value to your customers through lower implementation costs or shorter payback periods. 
    • Add value to your offerings and help reinforce customer engagement, which is driven by relationships and built on trust. 

Optimizing DERs for Better Returns

EnerWise maximizes the financial return, resiliency and sustainability benefits of DERs. As innovative technology built on CPower’s decades-long history of grid services participation, EnerWise automatically identifies and executes the most lucrative hour-by-hour energy management strategies. We also back our technology with experience and expertise. 

    • Stack new revenue streams by leveraging the reach of the national leader in DER flexible capacity under management. 
    • Easily enable DER participation across on-bill savings and grid services revenues  
    • Earn revenue for customers through grid services and reduce their energy costs by avoiding peak pricing and other charges.  

Minimizing Operating Risks for DER Projects

CPower finds the right programs to maximize the value and opportunity for your assets and customers. We then conduct a thorough assessment of the customer’s operation, the asset and other curtailment strategies. Through our CPower Connect, CPower can integrate with almost any platform to provide the right solution to dispatch the asset, mitigating risk and maximizing opportunity.  

    • Gain access to more than 60 DER monetization solutions across the US.  
    • Reduce operational complexity for customers so that they can focus on their core business activities. 
    • Improve the reliability and resiliency of customer energy systems.  

Earn Predictable Revenue

Optimize Your DER Investments

Maximize your financial return across on-bill savings and grid services programs by automatically identifying and executing the most lucrative energy management strategies with our innovative technology and leveraging our experience in paying out more than $1 billion in grid revenue.

Worry Less

  • With more than two decades of industry experience, CPower has the expansive intellectual property and broad platform needed to support customers across the U.S.​
  • We are the national leader in DER flexible capacity under management.​
  • National team members and local experts work together to serve multi-site, multi-market customers across all industries. ​
  • Local regulatory, engineering and support staff address all market nuances.​
  • In-house dispatch team and 24x7x365 operations support ensure advanced notice and accurate demand side participation.​
  • From 2021 to 2023, we dispatched almost 3,500 unique event triggers and filtered out approximately 500 industry errors to shield our customers’ operations.​
  • CPower mitigates revenue complexity and minimizes risk by managing changes in more than 60 solutions nationwide, including automated DR solutions.