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We help organizations like yours unlock the full value of your distributed energy resources so that you can reduce your energy costs and reinvest the savings into operational or sustainability initiatives.

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We tailor our DER flexibility solutions to suit the unique needs of your organization.

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Creating the best strategy for your commercial organization begins with our understanding of how your facilities are structured. Whether your facility is single site or multi-site, CPower has extensive experience helping commercial organizations of all sizes manage their energy and unlock the value of their DERs.

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An industrial facility assessment is the foundation for developing customized processes that help you manage your demand. CPower experts will look at when, where, how and how often you use energy in your daily industrial operations and develop a DER strategy for your facility or for your business. You then become a part of the Customer-Powered Grid and start maximizing your assets.

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CPower has extensive experience helping the public sector save on energy costs, earn revenue, and meet clean energy goals, while increasing grid reliability. The CPower team learns about the intricacies of your organization and creates a CPowered strategy consisting of the optimal combination of CPowered solutions to suit your needs.

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Healthcare leaders tasked with ensuring energy reliability increasingly focus on technologies like microgrids, backup generation, energy efficiency, and demand response to keep the lights on during potentially dangerous power disruptions. With access to CPower, healthcare facilities can reduce energy demand from the grid, create revenue, and keep their patients and staff safe.

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Energy spend is often one of the highest expenses an education organization faces. Keeping students and faculty comfortable and high functioning is a challenge. With a custom plan from CPower tailored for their specific needs, educational institutions can reduce energy costs and earn revenue for using less energy.

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Technology Partners

Together, CPower and our technology partners enable customized, end-to-end energy solutions that take the hassle out of demand response and generate repeated revenue for our mutual customers.

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CPower ensures that utility customers have an exceptional experience when they:

  • Participate in a utility’s demand response program
  • Help boost reliable load curtailment
  • Reduce peaks on the distribution grid
  • Lower carbon emissions

With a custom strategy, CPower can ensure utility customers are properly optimized to maximize energy reductions when demand response events are called.

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