Take Your Utility’s Commercial & Industrial
Demand Response Program To The Next Level

CPower ensures that C&I customers have an exceptional experience when they participate in your utility’s demand response program, help boost reliable load curtailment, reduce peaks on your distribution grid, and lower carbon emissions.

Increase Enrollment

CPower is your trusted marketing partner and can help promote your program.  Working closely together with your utility’s key account management team, CPower can enable our national customers–who are also your customers with sites in your territory– to your DR program offerings. Our industry-leading, big-box customers include Walmart, Target, Home Depot, and others as well as a large suite of industrial companies with plants located across the country. 

CPower can deploy dedicated sales and marketing resources in your territory to uncover new facilities and customers that would be suitable for enrollment in your unique program.   

Our local experts are always at-the-ready to help participants in your utility’s DR program find success.  

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Reliable Load Shed

CPower knows how to optimize facilities and engage facility managers for maximum load reduction and minimal business operation interruption. Pre-Event, In-Event, and Post-Event customer messaging is our specialty.

Help your customers achieve fully automated DR

With custom curtailment plans and industry-leading software, CPower can ensure your customers are properly implemented and optimized to maximize energy reductions when demand response events are called. This offers peace of mind to both the grid operator and facility management staff.

Whether you need improvement in one specific area, or you want to hand off your program management completely with a white-labeled utility program approach, CPower is the partner you can trust to help you and your customers meet their goals.

Reduce Your Administrative Burden

CPower has all the modern DR tools your program needs to keep your grid reliable and your customers happy, including:

  • 24/7 Dispatch Center
  • Customer Event Tracking App
  • Curtailment Planning
  • Site Optimization and Engineering Resources
  • Metering Solutions
  • Account Management Resources

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