Managing the way your government institution uses energy may not be as daunting a task as explaining the US tax code, but that doesn’t mean it’s a cakewalk.

Maintaining the comfort level of your staff and visitors while keeping your energy spend under control is a task you work hard at every day. Chances are, your facilities require an energy spend that is among the highest expenses your organization faces.

What if you could reduce your institution’s energy costs AND earn revenue for using less energy?

CPower can help you make it happen.

CPower has extensive experience helping government institutions like yours save on energy costs, earn revenue, meet your sustainability goals, and increase grid reliability.

Our CPower team learns about the intricacies of your organization. Then we create for you a CPowered™ Strategy, consisting of the optimal combination of CPowered™ Solutions to suit your organization’s specific needs.


Creating the optimal CPoweredTM strategy for your government institution begins with our understanding how your facilities are structured.

Choose the type of facility profile that best describes your organization.


We serve over 2,500 customers at 27,000+ sites and manage ~6.7 gigawatts of DER capacity across 60+ programs in U.S. energy markets and utilities.

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