Optimizing Distributed Energy Resources has been complex. Until now.

Introducing the award-winning…

EnerWise® Site Optimization automatically identifies and executes the most lucrative energy management strategies in real-time.

Artificial Intelligence Meets Energy Wisdom

Unlocking the maximized earning potential of a suite of energy assets in complex markets requires creativity, focus, and sophistication.

That’s why the creators at CPower invented EnerWise® Site Optimization — an energy asset optimization service that works behind the scenes, analyzing and automatically executing the finer points of your demand-side energy management so you can keep the focus on your organization. 

Award-Winning Optimization Technology

CPower’s EnerWise® Site Optimization Honored with 2023 Edison Award and E+E Leader Top Product Award!

We are grateful to have been recognized by these prestigious organizations to strengthen the grid by accelerating the adoption of VPPs and increasing customer value.

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Maximize Financial Return via Hourly Asset Scheduling

  • Capture available market and on-bill value streams for all energy resources at a site
  • Allocate assets via an hourly schedule 
  • Submit corresponding market bids
  • Dispatch assets based on awarded bid schedule (Hourly schedules viewable in the CPower App)  
  • Generate incremental value with dynamic and adaptive asset scheduling

How It Works

In order to learn your organization’s energy potential, the CPower experts need some basic information.

We need to understand two fundamental truths that are unique to every organization:

1) What is your organization’s electrical usage on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis?

2) What energy assets does your organization currently have or might have in the future?

That’s it.

With that critical information and a discussion about your organization’s operations and energy goals, CPower can determine your energy potential.  

Our analysis is FREE.