Improving Customer Experience and Performance​

Easily Connect to and Participate in Energy Markets

CPower’s technology simplifies the customer experience so that working with us is easy and rewarding, as evidenced by our industry-best satisfaction rating and the more than $1 billion in grid revenue that we have paid out since 2015. As the national leader in customer capacity under management with more than two decades of industry experience, our broad platform and innovative technology help customers efficiently connect distributed energy resources to monetization opportunities and easily measure the results.

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CPower Connect

CPower Connect, our open protocol API, simplifies market integration, providing a single access point to monetize distributed energy resources (DERs) in energy markets and programs across the U.S., thereby easing the administrative burden and eliminating the need to determine complex market rules and regulations. In seamlessly connecting your DERs and software, CPower Connect creates an integrated, automated platform that enables you to earn revenue and save money by turning your site into a dispatchable asset that can help the grid. And with the ability to dispatch real-time control events through machine-to-machine (M2M) communication, CPower helps you make more and save more by performing better.

CPower Portal

The CPower Portal provides customers with valuable insights through real-time data-driven dashboards and energy monitoring data. With the CPower Portal, you can see your energy system performance and grid services at any given moment. Get your meter data, demand response event results and payment information and more. You also can self-schedule load into fast-acting and economic DR programs to unlock even more value from your flexible DERs.