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Monetize your energy assets. Keep your tenants happy.
CPower can help you do it all.

As a commercial real estate organization, one of the biggest challenges you face is managing your energy use and spend across all of your organization’s properties while maintaining the comfort level of your tenants.

You’re tasked with being a personal conduit between your tenants, the energy markets where your properties reside, and your organization’s executive leaders.   

CPower has extensive experience helping commercial real estate organizations like yours save on energy costs, earn revenue, increase grid reliability, and meet your sustainability goals through demand-side energy management.

We’re here to help.

At CPower, we understand that no two buildings are alike and every organization is unique.

That’s why we take the time to learn about how you use energy at all of your properties.

Then we assess your facilities to learn about your energy assets so we can help monetize them.

Do you have on-site generators at any of your properties? How about energy storage, either thermal, battery or other? Perhaps you have a building management system (BMS) or another asset that can be leveraged to not only help save money on your electric bill but also earn revenue through demand response. 

Armed with industry-leading technology and incomparable energy experts, CPower has the solutions your organization needs to master your energy use and spend and achieve your sustainability goals.

“CPower provides recommendations and solutions that align with our goals and our tenants.”

–Gregg Fischer

Director of Energy Systems, Tishman Speyer Commercial Real Estate

Monetizing Energy Assets
In the Commercial Real Estate Industry

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A Clear Path For Energy Managers Navigating EG Regulations

Learn more about how to monetize your generator with the “Leveraging your Generation Assets to Generate Revenue” pdf.

Watch: Changing the Energy Management Landscape of Commercial Real Estate

Michael Mindell, National Account Executive, and Gregg Fischer, P.E., Director of Energy Systems at Tishman Speyer, join Smart Energy Decisions moderator John Failla to explore the following topics related to the dramatic changes taking place:

  • How energy-savvy customers are driving changes in transparency in charges and billing
  • How the Internet of Things is changing how energy and facility managers talk about energy efficiency
  • How AI solutions like predictive analytics can support–but will never replace–the human experience

Watch this webinar to gain actionable insights on the changing energy landscape of commercial real estate.

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