CPower App Training

Knowledge, like energy, is forever in motion.

Educating our customers is important to us at CPower. That’s why we created this online learning center where you can learn the fundamentals of using the CPower App.

Real Time Dashboard See your usage for today, review yesterday, preview tomorrow. What messages you may see on the dashboard. Quick access to scheduling, event alerts.

Historical Usage How to review historical data, which sources we can display. How to export to an Excel file. (Future: Temperature and price data)

Data: LMP Pricing and Weather What is LMP? How to review current and historical pricing information. How to export pricing data. How to access 7-day forecasts for facilities.

PJM Capacity Event Performance Review PJM Capacity functionality, from dashboard to event performance. Understanding FSL, PLC, and usage.

PJM Economic: Curtailment Planning, Scheduling, Reporting
Managing curtailment plans, setting up price opportunity notifications, scheduling participation, reviewing performance and accessing historical reports.