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Virtual Power Plants Improve Data Center Power Management

Your data center’s energy assets can provide flexibility to the grid and benefits to you while helping you protect your 24x7x365 uptime mandate.

Power management is increasingly important to data centers. As data centers rapidly expand across the country, grid operators, regulators and community leaders are pressing data center operators to manage their energy consumption to minimize their impact on the power grid and reduce their environmental footprint—all while maintaining core business 24/7/365 uptime for their customers.

    • Nationwide, electricity demand from data centers is expected to double from 17 GW in 2022 to 35 GW by 2030—reaching almost 21 GW in 2024.¹
    • Yet, power usage effectiveness worldwide has been flat for four years and more than half (55%) of data center operators have had a power outage at their site in the past three years.²
    • Effective data center power management will be essential to keeping the lights on and minimizing the industry’s environmental impact as its energy consumption rises to as high as 9% of the nation’s total energy usage by 2030.³

By enrolling their backup systems in virtual power plants (VPPs) including demand response, data centers can create an added revenue stream while alleviating strain on the grid and avoiding carbon emissions. Data centers enrolled in VPPs can also test their redundant backup systems for power and cooling while still accessing utility power.

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That means your data center’s energy assets can generate significant revenue for helping the grid and supporting sustainability.

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Improving Data Center Power Management

Monetize Your Energy Assets. Ensure Your Uptime. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint.

Data centers have the distributed energy resources (DERs) the grid needs to transition to a clean, flexible and dependable energy future.

In this video, CPower’s data center power management team explains how your organization can earn significant revenue with demand response and uncover energy efficiency opportunities that can also be monetized while helping the grid and environment.