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Monetize your power assets. Ensure your uptime.
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The significant onsite power generation and energy storage inherent to data centers can earn you revenue and test your power systems while helping the stability of the grid. 

CPower can also help you determine efficiency opportunities and monetize more than energy savings. 

Right now, the energy industry is evolving in a way that provides organizations in the data center industry with unique opportunities to monetize their existing energy assets.

CPower can show you how.

Like data centers, grids across the US and Canada are becoming greener and more efficient, trending away from the fossil fuels that dominated the 20th century toward cleaner energy sources.

Right now grid operators and electric utilities offer substantial incentives to commercial consumers to help integrate their grids with resources many data centers already possess.

That means data centers like yours have an opportunity to monetize your existing energy assets by helping grids stay balanced.

We’re here to help.

How Energy Efficient Data Centers Can Earn More Than Customer Loyalty

Data centers are in demand.

The growth of cloud computing and the subsequent challenge of powering big data has led to a data center construction boom.

A 2018 industry profile by Dun & Bradstreet predicts data center space to grow to 1.94 billion square feet worldwide in 2018. Much of the industry’s new construction aims to continue the trend toward energy-efficient buildings, shedding the label of “comatose power drains” issued by the New York Times in a 2012 article that claimed, “data centers can waste 90% or more of the electricity they pull off the grid.”  Read the rest of the story here

At CPower, we understand that no two buildings are alike and every organization is unique.

That’s why we take the time to learn about how you use energy at all of your properties.

Then we assess your facilities to learn about your energy assets so we can help monetize them.

Do you have on-site generators at any of your properties? How about energy storage, either thermal, battery or other? Perhaps you have a building management system (BMS) or another asset that can be leveraged to not only help save money on your electric bill but also earn revenue through demand response. 

Armed with industry-leading technology and incomparable energy experts, CPower has the solutions your organization needs to master your energy use and spend and achieve your sustainability goals.

Learn how to turn your emergency generator from a reliability tool to a revenue-earning machine.

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