California’s Demand Response Auction Mechanism

Offset rising energy costs with revenue
earned from using less energy when the grid is stressed.

The Demand Response Auction Mechanism (DRAM) was created in 2014 under the guidance of the California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) in an effort to harmonize utility-based reliability demand response with CAISO, the state’s grid operator. The program seeks to allow CAISO to add reliable demand response resources to areas of California where electric reliability may be at risk.

CPower can help you decide if the DRAM program is a good fit for your organization.

The Demand Response Auction Mechanism (DRAM) with CPower:

  • DRAM is a pay-as-bid program that helps the grid maintain its reliability.
  • CPower will work with you to develop a curtailment strategy that suits the specifics of your organization.
  • Your organization gets paid for its ability to curtail energy to restore balance to the grid.
  • Your CPower team is with you every step of the way.

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