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Help Your Clients Monetize
Energy Efficiency Projects in PJM

In the PJM market, businesses can earn revenue for permanent load reduction resulting from energy efficiency projects they have completed or will be completed in the future.

CPower specializes in qualifying and monetizing past, current, and future energy efficiency projects, creating a valuable revenue stream for your clients. In fact, we’re the leading energy efficiency provider in PJM and work with hundreds of energy partners just like you.   

Contact us today to learn how we can help you help your clients realize additional revenue for permanent load reductions that help the grid serve all of us. 

Why partner with CPower to help your clients earn revenue with PJM’s EE Capacity Rewards Program?

  • CPower has the leading EE measurement and verification specialists in the industry and can help your clients earn more for their projects.
  • CPower’s regulatory experts are always available to help you learn about the intricacies PJM’s energy market.
  • Your clients’ EE earnings can’t be realized without help from a company like CPower. (Left alone, their electric utility will keep the money.)

CPower’s EE Team is here to help your clients.

Partner with CPower and learn how you can help your clients earn with energy efficiency.

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1. Complete the Project. Save on Energy.
The moment your organization completes an energy efficiency (EE) project, you begin to realize savings on your energy bill.

2. Earn Additional Revenue in PJM’s Capacity Market
As a licensed curtailment service provider (CSP), CPower can then offer your reduced capacity into PJM’s capacity market, turning your “NegaWatts” into another revenue stream.

How Can Energy Efficiency Projects be Monetized in PJM?

In this video, CPower Engineer Stephanie Tray explains how capacity from EE projects can earn revenue through PJM’s capacity market, the Reliability Pricing Model (RPM).