Rhode Island Demand-Side Energy Management Programs

CPower can help state agencies reduce energy usage and earn revenue. Together we can help the State of Rhode Island meet its energy goals.

CPower is a demand-side energy management company.  We specialize in helping government customers, like the agencies of the State of Rhode Island, reduce their net energy spend and achieve their sustainability goals.

As a part of Gina Riamondo’s Executive Order 15-17, State agencies have been asked to lead by example in energy efficiency and clean energy. CPower has been selected by the State of Rhode Island as the sole curtailment service provider (CSP). Together we will the States agencies support Ms. Riamondo’s order and energy initiatives, reduce their carbon footprint and earn revenue through demand-side management programs.

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White Paper - The New England Power Market

In 2017, sharply rising capacity costs and energy volatility in the New England power market will increase your electricity costs despite relatively low fuel prices and flat usage trends. This white paper explores the underlying reasons, and goes on to explain specific actions commercial and industrial customers can take to mitigate these cost increases.

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Surviving the Emergency Generator Regulatory Maze

Are you one of many energy customers that leverage back-up generators in demand response? Changes by the EPA have significantly restricted the circumstances where such generators can be compensated for operations while the grid is still up. CPower has helped many customers achieve “non-emergency” status without equipment upgrades by meeting permitting and reporting requirements.

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Learn about the programs offered in Rhode Island

As part of its Forward Capacity Program, ISO-NE offers two types of demand response programs:

  • Real Time Demand Response pays businesses for their ability to reduce electricity use within 30 minutes of receiving ISO dispatch instructions. Click here to learn more and watch a video.
  • Real Time Emergency Generation pays businesses for their ability to move load to emergency generators within 30 minutes of receiving ISO dispatch instructions.

Other ISO-NE programs include:

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