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Your CPower team of experts includes market specialists who advocate on your behalf to help shape regulation in the energy industry, facilitating the fundamental premise of demand-side energy management and DER monetization.

CPower is dedicated to helping your organization navigate the energy industry’s complex regulatory landscape.

CPowered Advocacy is at work behind the scenes of every CPowered Program and Performance Solution. Our Market Development experts bring their exceptional knowledge and insights to the table as they advocate on your behalf to help shape regulation in the energy industry and demand-side energy management.

Energy is always in motion, and so is the ever-evolving world of energy regulations. From the national level to your local utility, CPower’s advocates keep abreast of the latest developments, help formulate policies, develop engineering standards, and work to assure that the needs of a balanced grid are balanced with the needs of our customers.

We’re able to affect change because of the depth of our team’s knowledge and the high regard with which we’re held among industry leaders and decision makers. CPower has actively participated in some of the most important decisions regarding demand-side energy management. We voiced our support of FERC Order 745, which set standards for demand response practices and pricing in wholesale markets. We worked with the EPA to update engineering standards for generators that allow them to be permitted for participation in demand response programs. And we work with ISOs and utilities every day, from Southern California to Ontario, Canada, to help define policy for microgrids, distributed energy resources, onsite generation, renewables, “smart” technology, capacity charges, and much more.


Brought to life and optimized by the CPower Team of Experts.

At CPower, we understand that the most effective kind of demand-side energy management is people-powered.

Customers choose CPower because of our people and the caring expertise they possess.

The term “CPowered” is our way of stamping a program or process with CPower’s people-powered approach, an approach that’s unrivaled in the industry.

You’re ready for the future. CPower can help you pay for it.

Earn revenue with DERs. Keep your customers happy. Help the grid.
CPower can help you do it all.

Distributed energy resources—like energy storage, solar PV, fuel cells, wind generation, combined heat and power, and more—are not only enhancing the way grid operators balance energy demand and supply, they’re helping commercial and industrial organizations offset their energy spends.

CPower Link, our proprietary application programming interface (API), creates an integrated automatic DR platform to turn your DER asset into a dispatchable asset, ready to engage when the grid is in need.

What is Demand-Side Energy Management?

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