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Automating your response to the demands of an overwhelmed grid can improve your performance, your revenue, and your sustainability profile.

Automating your demand-side energy management can improve your performance, your revenue earning potential and sustainability profile. It cuts down the resources needed to execute a curtailment strategy (or even eliminate them altogether). And it mitigates the risk of human error that can result in underperformance (and maybe underpayments).

To fully succeed, though, it must be tailored to perfectly fit your specific requirements. You may want a fully automated process that executes commands through your building management system. You may want to limit it to automated notifications that let you control how you respond. Or you may want a combination of automation and autonomy that exactly matches your needs.

CPower’s innovative Automation performance solution enables quicker, repeatable, and reliable response participation with a higher return to you. It also empowers you to participate in rapid response curtailment programs and supports Peak Demand Management efforts, distributed energy resources like battery storage, and more sophisticated and automated software solutions. And for those who prefer a level of autonomy over full automation, CPower’s SCADA system delivers data that illuminates real-time energy usage across multiple facilities, giving you control over the efficient execution of your CPowered curtailment plan.

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Link API, our proprietary application programming interface (API), seamlessly integrates our automated metering and dispatch processes with any and all building management systems. It provides you with the ability to enact predetermined load management measures at close to a moment’s notice, to precisely the degree you need. If your facility has distributed energy resources such as backup generators or storage batteries, Link creates an integrated automatic DR platform to turn your DER asset into a dispatchable asset, ready to engage when the grid is in need.

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Distributed energy resources—like energy storage, solar PV, fuel cells, wind generation, combined heat and power, and more—are not only enhancing the way grid operators balance energy demand and supply, they’re helping commercial and industrial organizations offset their energy spends.

CPower Link, our proprietary application programming interface (API), creates an integrated automatic DR platform to turn your DER asset into a dispatchable asset, ready to engage when the grid is in need.

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