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Our App puts the past, present, and future of your energy demand at your fingertips, where and when you need it.

Analyze. Strategize. Optimize. Maximize. With our CPower App, we equip you with the data and decision-making tools you need to direct strategies for managing your energy demand, and to maximize the saving and earning potential of your CPowered™ Program Solutions. Browser-based and always ready, our App goes where you go 24/7.

Data drives strategy, and CPower delivers the data you need to set a clear path to your energy goals. Access vital historical usage data by year, month, week, day–even minute by minute. Collect data for individual facilities across different energy markets. Fine-tune your query by customizing your date range. Export it all in a .csv file that you can incorporate into your spreadsheet application to share with team members, stakeholders, and decision makers.

Our App gives you a clear window into your present-day activities, too. We make it easy to review, export, and analyze recent energy activity, to help you understand key metrics of your current demand response and demand management programs. When combined with our CPower Total Metering Solution, our App lets you monitor facility energy consumption in real time, to help you make real-time energy management decisions.


Brought to life and optimized by the CPower Team of Experts.

At CPower, we understand that the most effective kind of demand-side energy management is people-powered.

Customers choose CPower because of our people and the caring expertise they possess.

The term “CPowered” is our way of stamping a program or process with CPower’s people-powered approach, an approach that’s unrivaled in the industry.

Besides tracking your usage, our App lets you track your energy market as well. Our Price Tracker feature gives you local and regional live energy prices every hour of the day. Your Local Marginal Prices (LMPs) provide insight into energy supply and demand: As demand rises and supply drops, prices rise accordingly. Tracking price increases let you monitor stress on the grid, and gauge the likelihood of a called event in the very near future.

Speaking of the future, the CPower App is designed to let you look–and plan–ahead. You get day-ahead pricing as well as your 7-day weather outlook. If you participate in price-responsive programs such as PJM’s Economic program, you can execute your energy strategy by creating an hourly schedule of when and how much to offer. And you can schedule offers for multiple days into the future.

On the back end, our CPower App is a quick, easy-to-use browser-based application that incorporates the latest advancements in responsive design. No matter if you and your team are on smartphones or tablets, iOS or Android, you all enjoy the same full functionality simultaneously across all your mobile devices. With no licensing restrictions, it’s easily shared for a real-time remote experience by everyone with a need to know. Because it’s Web-based, the App requires no downloads, no hard drive real estate, no interminable updates or “bug fixes.” Your App is continually updated and always up to date. And so are your data.

And of course, it’s entirely mobile. Access and execute from your desk, sales or operations floor, car, business travel site or your own backyard. No matter where you go our App is right there with you, ready to get to work anytime day or night.

The App is customer-focused, customer-built, and customer-friendly. As with everything we do, we’ve built our App to help ensure your success. CPowered™ Solutions are Customer-Powered solutions.

You’re ready for the future. CPower can help you pay for it.

Earn revenue with DERs. Keep your customers happy. Help the grid.
CPower can help you do it all.

Distributed energy resources—like energy storage, solar PV, fuel cells, wind generation, combined heat and power, and more—are not only enhancing the way grid operators balance energy demand and supply, they’re helping commercial and industrial organizations offset their energy spends.

CPower Link, our proprietary application programming interface (API), creates an integrated automatic DR platform to turn your DER asset into a dispatchable asset, ready to engage when the grid is in need.

What is Demand-Side Energy Management?

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