CPower’s Indispensable Webinar Series on Energy Markets is Back! 

Amidst a global drive to reduce carbon emissions, the electric grid continues its transition to a cleaner, more efficient future.

That’s why CPower hosts the annual State of Demand-Side Energy Management in North America webinar series, a market-by-market analysis of the issues and trends the experts at CPower feel organizations like yours need to know to make better decisions about your energy use and spend. 

Each webinar focuses on an individual US energy market and is presented by CPower team members dedicated to that specific market who will provide a comprehensive but easy-to-understand analysis to help you make sense of demand-side energy’s evolving landscape.

Regulatory Round-Up

We are bringing in the Market and Regulatory A-Team for the first-ever Regulatory Round-Up panel. Are you curious about New England, New York, California, ERCOT, PJM Energy Markets? Looking for more insight on FERC Order 2222, or NY’s Rule 222? Wondering what ERCOT is doing to prevent another catastrophic grid outage? Just to name a few. CPower’s entire Market and Regulatory team will be on hand to answer some of the most pressing questions to help you better understand your energy market and make more informed decisions about your energy strategy. 

Our experts will provide deep insights into many of the questions we received during the State of the Demand Side Energy Management Webinar series. AND … we will have a live Q&A session during the webinar. Join us for this once-a-year interactive event.

With Ken Schisler, Bruce Campbell, Jennifer Chamberlin, Nancy Chafetz, and Peter “PDW” Dotson-Westphalen. 

State of the PJM Energy Market

The square-off between individual states and the ISO continues to ruffle feathers on both sides. In this webinar, Ken Schisler and CPower’s PJM team will examine the core issues of the rift as well as how key regulations such as FERC Order 2222 are impacting the largest wholesale energy market in the world.

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With Ken Schisler, Bruce Campbell, Dann Price, and Rocco Venuto

State of the Texas Energy Market

In recent years, Texas’s energy market has been put to the test with shrinking reserve margins, increased electrical demand, and grid-threatening heat waves. The ERCOT grid has held and the market has helped organizations in the Lone Star State earn significant revenue by monetizing distributed energy resources.

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With Jennifer Chamberlin, Mike Hourihan, and Joe Hayden

State of the California Energy Market

With the blackouts in August of 2020 lingering in its rearview mirror, California looks to shore up its energy market and grid to thwart future catastrophe before it can take shape. But what has the state’s energy players learned from the missteps of 2020? Register for the webinar and find out from CPower’s Golden State expert, Jennifer Chamberlin to find out.

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With Jennifer Chamberlin, John Desper, and Peter Bergeron

State of the New York Energy Market

NYISO President and CEO Richard Dewey believes that market design is the path forward for New York as the state looks to keep its grid reliable as the state pursues its climate goals. In this webinar CPower’s New York team analyzes just what those market designs entail and how local, state, and federal regulations might impact New York’s energy market. Register today!

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With Mike Hourihan, Peter “PDW” Dotson-Westphalen, and Matthew McCue

State of the New England Energy Market

What will New England do to appease states that are angered at the policies they feel affect their desired fuel mixes? In this webinar, CPower’s Nancy Chafetz examines this key topic and will explore other critical regulatory issues and market proposals that are sure to shape the New England Energy Market in 2021 and beyond. 

September 23, 2 PM EST

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With Nancy Chafetz and Keith Black