You rely on your backup generator for power when there’s an outage. But did you know that your backup generator can also play a key role in your organization earning revenue with demand response?

Right now, demand for energy is at an all-time high in Texas. To help keep the grid balanced during times of peak energy consumption, ERCOT offers several demand response programs which pay businesses for being available to use less energy when the grid is stressed due to demand for electricity exceeding its supply. Organizations with backup generators have a significant advantage when it comes to earning demand response.

That’s where CPower comes in.

CPower is a demand-side energy management company that specializes in commercial and industrial demand response (DR). With CPower’s help, your organization can create a DR strategy with your backup generator playing a starring role.

But first, we need to make sure your generator is in good standing with current EPA laws.

Call 800-568-7550 or fill out the form below to schedule a free, no-obligation assessment of your backup generator(s) and let CPower help your organization get the most out of your demand response participation.