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Powering the Clean Energy Transition

CPower is helping to create a Customer-Powered Grid™ that will enable a flexible, clean and dependable energy future by unlocking the full value of customer-owned DERs. Our leading flexibility and reliability solutions strengthen the grid when and where it’s needed most.


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Market-Leading Innovation

CPower’s AI-driven EnerWiseTM Site Optimization helps DER owners and developers manage and monetize their assets across multiple energy markets and utility programs simultaneously by automatically acting upon the latest market insights.

Setting the Standard in
Demand Response

CPower works with more than 17,000 sites — totaling over 6.3 GW of DER capacity —across the U.S. to help energy users conserve power when demand peaks.



In Grid Revenue Paid to
Customers Since 2015


Customer Sites
Across the U.S.


Metric tons of C02
avoided in a single year


Our Responsibility to the Future

CPower is creating a Customer-Powered Grid™ enabling the clean energy transition.

200% in 7yrs

The U.S. must double the share of electricity generated by non-carbon-emitting sources by 2030 to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

If this is to happen, clean energy must be deployed at an unprecedented scale. Together with our customers, we’re answering the call, with 6.3 GW of DER capacity nationwide.

How We Create Value for Our Customers

CPoweredTM Solutions for Any Challenge

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A.I. Site Optimization

Maximize resilience and shorten the payback period.

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Distributed Generation

Maximize resilience and shorten the payback period of solar, wind, and other generation assets.

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Energy Storage

Turn on-site capacity into revenue.

Energy Efficiency Icon

Energy Efficiency

Monetize permanently reduced demand.

Demand Response Icon

Demand Response

Get paid for helping the grid by reducing load.

Peak Demand Management Icon

Peak Demand Management

Lower your capacity charges by reducing energy when the grid is peaked.

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We help energy users across the country save on energy costs, while balancing the grid and driving toward their clean energy goals.

Who We Help

CPoweredTM Solutions for Energy Users

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Tech Partners

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NEWS : CPower Leads Virtual Power Plant Market with 6.3 GW of Flexible Capacity Under Management

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