Connected Solutions

Earn revenue for using less energy with New England utilities’ new demand response program.

National Grid, Eversource, and Unitil are working to lower the amount of total energy our community uses during the summer months when demand for electricity on the grid is at its highest, (peak demand). To help keep their grid healthy and reliable, these utilities now offer a demand response program that pays businesses to use less energy during peak demand periods.

CPower can facilitate your participation in the Connected Solutions program and help optimize your participation in it and other New England demand response programs. 

Left to Right: Corey Pettingill, Metering; Dave Lavoie, Account Executive; Jobin Arthungal, Market Development Manager; Zach Parkent, Senior Analyst; Joe Gatto, VP & General Manager; Phil Ciulla; Account Executive, Rebecca Lawrence, Account Manager; William Cratty, Sr. Technical Sales; Alison Keefe, Energy Engineer; Mat Tuttelman, Account Executive.

Your CPower team is with you every step of the way and can help you earn even more revenue by participating in other New England demand-side energy management programs. 

Program Snapshot

More Demand-Side Energy Management Programs in New England

Active Demand Capacity Resource (ADCR)

Passive (On-Peak) Demand Response


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