Whether your organization is a hospital that saw a drastic reduction in elective surgeries, a school that saw its students spend most of the year at home, a commercial real estate building that saw a mass exodus of its tenants, or any organization that suffered losses in 2020 due to COVID or the subsequent recession…   

CPower can help you earn back some of what you might have lost with demand response in PJM.

For years, CPower has been one of the largest facilitators of demand response in the PJM market, helping hundreds of oforganizations like yours earn significant revenue for helping the grid.

We help organizations that are seasoned experts with their demand-side energy management as well as organizations that have never before participated in demand response. 

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Don’t delay. The deadline to enroll in PJMs 2021 demand response program is May 1, 2021.

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Learn how Year-Round DR works in PJM

Learn how Summer Capacity works in PJM

How much could your organization earn?

Example: If you participate in Summer-Only CP and have a site in PSEG and one in PECO, both with 1 MW of curtailable summer load, you could potentially earn $67,350.

The Truth About PJM’s Pricing Models

PJM and the National Weather Service have at least this in common. Both create model simulations to give insight into what might happen in the future.  If you’ve ever been in the path of a hurricane, you’ve probably spent some...

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What is Demand Response?

Learn the fundamentals with CPower’s Demand-Side Energy Management 101 Video Series

Your CPower team is with you every step of the way and can help you earn even more revenue by participating in other demand-side energy management programs.