Utilities’ Energy Efficiency Programs in Ohio are Ending in 2020.

CPower can help you keep earning in 2021.

Ohio House Bill 6 (enacted into law on Oct. 19, 2019) requires all energy efficiency (EE) programs offered by electric utilities in Ohio must end by December 31, 2020. 

This means there is now an opportunity for organizations and EE project developers in the Buckeye State to earn revenue for permanently reducing electric demand on the grid. 

With CPower’s help, your organization can offer its permanently reduced demand into PJM’s capacity market, where it can earn revenue for up to four years!

If your organization (or an organization you represent) has recently completed or is thinking about embarking on an energy efficiency project, contact CPower today and let us help you qualify and enroll your projects in 2021 and start earning revenue for helping the grid.

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  • If you’ve completed an energy efficiency project within the last year and still own the capacity rights to the energy you reduced, CPower can likely offer your reduction into the PJM Capacity Market (RPM).
  • CPower’s team of experts will assess your energy efficiency project and officially confirm your permanent load reduction, which we’ll offer into the RPM.
  • Your organization can potentially earn quarterly payments for the next 4 years, continually helping to offset your total energy spend.
  • Your CPower team will be with you every step of the way and can help you earn even more revenue by participating in other PJM demand response programs. 

1. Complete the Project. Save on Energy.

The moment your organization completes an energy efficiency (EE) project, you begin to realize savings on your energy bill.

2. Earn Additional Revenue in PJM’s Capacity Market

As a licensed curtailment service provider (CSP), CPower can then offer your reduced capacity into PJM’s capacity market, turning your “NegaWatts” into another revenue stream.

Your EE project will continue to earn revenue from PJM for 4 years after completion. Savings continue forever.

Energy Efficiency Qualifying projects

Qualifying projects include:

– Lighting
– Refrigeration
– Motors
– Variable-Frequency Drives (VFDs)
– Compressed Air
– Industrial Process Improvements
– Weatherization/Building Envelope
– LEED/Green Building
– New construction projects exceeding industry standards

Non-Qualifying projects include:

– Non-permanent Loads Reduction
– Load-shifting
– Behavioral Changes
– Programmable Thermostats
– Dispatchable Resources
– Generators (Gas, Solar, Wind)
– Fuel-switching

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