Two NEW demand response programs offered by New York utilities: CSRP and DLRP give you more ways to generate revenue through Demand Response.

Even if you’ve been participating in the NYISO’s Special Case Resource (SCR) program, you can add these new programs to earn more revenue, help preserve the grid and the environment, and keep energy prices stable in New York. Your CPower team will work with you to help you enhance your demand response participation and manage your total energy spend.

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Sometimes, the demand for electricity in New York outpaces the grid’s ability to supply it. In this case, the bulk grid operator (NYISO) has a choice: dispatch additional power plants to generate more electricity across New York State at a premium price to ratepayers and the environment or pay commercial and industrial businesses to curtail enough electricity usage to offset the imbalance.

Similarly, when the demand for electricity in your community outpaces your local utility’s ability to reliably supply it, the utility has a choice: build out new distribution system upgrades in your service area—resulting in future rate increases on your bill—or provide financial incentives with demand response programs to reduce peak demand.

The NYISO and National Grid offer demand response programs that pay businesses like yours for using less energy when the grid is stressed as an alternative to building more expensive power plants to accommodate peak demand. If you participate in one or more of these programs, you can earn revenue, protect the grid, preserve the environment, and help keep energy prices stable in New York.

CPower can help you make it happen.

Demand Response in New York:

  • CPower’s team of energy experts works with you to develop and fine tune an energy management strategy that suits your specific needs.
  • When the New York grid is stressed, CPower notifies you to curtail your load based on your strategy.
  • Your organization gets paid for using less energy.
  • Your CPower team is with you every step of the way and will help you earn even more revenue when you enroll in other demand response programs in New York.


New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) Programs:

Reliability-Based Demand Response

During periods of increased demand, or when the grid is affected by unplanned events like inclement weather, NYISO provides a monetization path where CPower pays participants in Reliability-based Demand Response programs for load reductions that lessen stress on the electric grid.

  • Special Case Resource Program (ICAP/SCR)
    The ICAP-SCR program participants receive capacity and energy payments from CPower for reducing their electricity consumption when the reliability of the electric grid is in jeopardy and as a reserve capacity resource even if a participant is not dispatched. LEARN MORE
  • Emergency Demand Response Program (EDRP)
    The EDRP program participants receive energy only payments from CPower for reducing their electricity consumption when the reliability of the electric grid is in jeopardy. Load reduction is voluntary when a test or dispatch event occurs.

Economic-Based Demand Response

Economic-based Demand Response programs available from CPower provide an opportunity for participants to offer load reduction into New York’s electricity markets in response to high electricity prices.

  • Day-Ahead Demand Response Program (DADRP)
    DADRP participants contract with CPower to submit to the NYISO an “energy offer” to reduce consumption at the price the participants determine.
  • Demand Side Ancillary Services Program (DSASP)
    CPower acquired legacy company Demand Response Partners, Inc. in 2015, who pioneered the first DR resource enrolled in DSASP in 2012. The NYISO allows for participation in the Ancillary markets, through the Demand Side Ancillary Services Program (“DSASP”) for the following services.

– Regulation (second-to-second)
– 10 Minute Sync
– 10 Minute Non-Sync
– 30 Minute Non-Sync

Local Distribution Utility Programs:

In 2015, New York utility programs were developed in conjunction with New York State’s Public Service Commission’s Reforming the Energy Vision (REV), a statewide effort to develop a new regulatory framework that includes incentives to leverage the deployment of distributed energy resources.

  • Commercial System Relief Program (CSRP)
    When you participate in your local utilities Commercial System Relief Program (CSRP), you are paid a reservation and energy payment from CPower to save energy, and you play a significant role in the operation of the electricity grid by reducing or shifting your electricity use during peak periods. LEARN MORE
  • Distribution Load Relief Program (DLRP)
    The DLRP programs can lower the cost of electricity in wholesale markets and, in turn, lead to lower retail rates. The DLRP provides two hours or less notification to enrolled customers to reduce their electricity use to help maintain system reliability in their communities. LEARN MORE

Both the CSRP and DLRP are available to commercial and industrial customers of the following utilities:

– Con Edison
– Orange & Rockland
– Central Hudson Gas & Electric
– PSEG Long Island
– New York State Electric & Gs
– Rochester Gas & Electric
– National Grid

  • Targeted Demand Management (TDM)
    The TDM demand management program offered by CPower in partnership with Central Hudson Gas & Electric (CHGE) provides a reservation and energy payment to participants for reducing or shifting electricity use during peak periods with 21-hour notification to reduce energy use. The TDM program provides an alternative to traditional new investments in centralized generation, transmission and distribution infrastructure in designated areas (often passed onto rate payers). Available only in designated areas of service territory.  

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