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CPower Premier Solutions

CPower helps customers earn revenue and reduce energy costs while increasing grid reliability and resilience. We customize your energy strategy and tailor our solutions to suit the needs of your organization.

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A.I. Site Optimization

Gain greater predictability, flexibility and automation. We help energy users optimize their Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) through our artificial intelligence-powered EnerWise Site Optimization, which maximizes the earning potential and on-bill savings of their DERs across multiple energy markets and utility programs simultaneously.

A.I. Site Optimization
Distributed Generation

Distributed Generation

Distributed generation refers to power generation at the point of consumption. Generating power on-site eliminates the cost, complexity, interdependencies, and inefficiencies often associated with energy’s transmission and distribution. Through distributed generation, CPower helps organizations reduce their energy spend and monetize their assets, while also helping grid operators balance energy demand and supply.

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Energy Storage

Long hailed as a revolutionary resource that is “just a few years away,” energy storage is here and has already played a pivotal role in the way electrical grids across the US are evolving. CPower can help turn capacity from energy storage into a revenue stream for organizations that have or are thinking about implementing a storage asset.

Energy Storage
Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency programs pay organizations for permanent load reduction resulting from energy efficiency projects they have completed or will complete in the future. CPower specializes in qualifying and capitalizing past, current, and future energy efficiency projects in multiple energy markets.

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Demand Response

Sometimes, the demand for energy outpaces the grid’s ability to supply it. Instead of producing more energy at a great expense to consumers and the environment, the grid operator can offset the imbalance by reducing the amount of electricity being consumed when demand exceeds supply. That’s demand response, and with CPower you can maximize the potential of your DERs to slash energy costs, while turning your cost center into a profit center.

Solutions - Demand Response
Solutions - Peak Demand

Peak Demand Management

Every month your business is charged a fee based on how much electricity you consumed in the previous year when electricity demand on the grid was at its highest. Peak demand management involves curtailing your energy consumption during periods of peak system load, thereby lowering your capacity charges, and saving you money. CPower has the expertise to create an optimal curtailment plan, customized for your unique business needs.

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CPower Performance Solution Services

CPowered: Brought to life and optimized by the CPower Team of Experts

Facility Assessment

When you’re a CPower customer, you have a team of experts to help you get the most from your demand-side energy management.

Curtailment Planning

CPowered curtailment planning turns your facility into a savings and revenue center.

Optimized Enrollments and Payments

CPower’s enrollments, settlements, and payments team understands that time is money–your money.

24/7 Dispatch

CPower’s dispatch team is on call around the clock and will let you know when it’s time to curtail your load.

CPower App

Analyze. Strategize. Optimize. Maximize. With our CPower App, we equip you with the data and decision-making tools you need.


Automating your response to the demands of an overwhelmed grid can improve your performance, your revenue, and your sustainability profile.

Total Metering Solution

CPower’s Total Metering Solution eliminates the stress and risk of meter ownership by providing customers with an up-to-date, secure, reliable CPower Meter—installed and serviced by CPower experts.


CPower is dedicated to helping your organization navigate the energy industry’s complex regulatory landscape.

Performance Reporting

Performance reporting provides crucial insights about your curtailment performance that can help you better manage your demand-side energy management process.

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