Connecting Customers to DER Monetization Opportunities​

Operate and Scale Efficiently

CPower’s Operating Platform—our company’s mission control—enables nearly 20,000 customer facilities to maximize every opportunity to save and earn, no matter where they are or when DER monetization events occur. The CPower Operating Platform provides around-the-clock security and performance, supporting our customers’ energy systems 24/7/365 by automating key functions like customer administration, market enrollments, customer settlements, payments and dispatch.​

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Enrollment, Settlement & Payments

Just like customers, no two grid service programs are the same. Enrollment procedures differ from market to market, from ISO to utility, even from one part of a state to another. But they all share one thing: the need for speed and accuracy. If customers are not enrolled quickly and accurately, they can’t begin to save and earn.​

​Our platform simplifies the enrollment procedures for every grid service program to make sure customers are enrolled in the program(s) of their choice within 24 hours of collecting the required information. Because why wait? They should start participating, saving, and earning revenue without delay.​

​That same sense of mission and urgency applies to revenue payments. As soon as test or called event performance results have been confirmed, our platform’s settlement process kicks in to finalize customer payments quickly and accurately.​


Our 24/7/365 Dispatch System is the communication fabric for connecting DER events required by grid operators to customers capable of responding to those events. CPower’s Dispatch System monitors the state of the grid in the energy markets served by CPower and communicates with grid operators responsible for maintaining a balanced electrical grid that serves millions of people across the U.S.​

​When a test or event is called, the Dispatch System receives the signal and immediately executes load reduction protocols. We communicate directly with our customers to begin the curtailment process—and sound the “all clear” when it’s over.​

Data Management​

CPower’s enterprise-class Meter Data Management (MDM) collects real-time energy information directly from customers, partners and utilities. We help customers implement real-time energy monitoring equipment at their facilities and integrate it with our CPower Operating Platform, so that they can better see their energy usage, review event performance, calculate program earnings and manage their electricity spend.