CPower’s Team is Committed to Clean Energy Future

April 25, 2024
Patterson Park
CPower volunteers picked up trash in Patterson Park in Baltimore as part of the company’s 2024 Spring Day of Caring.

At CPower, we take pride in our vision of shaping the Customer-Powered Grid®, fostering a flexible, clean, and reliable energy future. 

Whether by collaborating with our clients to reduce carbon footprints by 375,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions in a single year or promoting grid sustainability through existing resources, we are proud to know that the work we do is essential in making this vision a reality.  

While this is particularly true on Earth Day, our commitment to combating climate change is an ongoing endeavor, not a one-day event or the responsibility of a single individual. Sustainability demands continuous engagement, extending beyond individual efforts, industries or communities.  

This year presents a perfect opportunity for individual and collective action because Earth Day has again converged with National Volunteer Week. We have encouraged all our team members at CPower to seize this moment by participating in activities that celebrate and contribute to our shared planet.  

CPower volunteers helped Baltimore nonprofit Moveable Feast prepare meals for Marylanders living with serious chronic illness.

Examples of activities and actions we have invited team members to participate in include:  

    • CPower’s 2024 Spring Day of Caring (Tuesday, April 23) – We have partnered with two groups in the Baltimore area this year – Friends of Patterson Park and Moveable Feast. This is a collaborative effort of all our employee resource groups within CPower. 
    • EarthDay.org – Employees have been able to get involved through the Earth Day Action Toolkit
    • Keep America Beautiful – This nationwide campaign is aimed at acting every day to improve and beautify our communities through education, community support and connecting individuals to volunteering opportunities. 

CPower encourages its employees to support their community by taking part in volunteer efforts with community service groups, schools and other such organizations. Each employee gets 16 hours of paid volunteer time annually, which can be used for participating in company-sponsored events or for personal volunteer endeavors. This benefit includes time spent traveling to and from the volunteering location. 

Group meet-ups for employees located near each other are great ways to foster company culture and connection. We encourage employees to propose volunteer ideas, invite their co-workers to join them and share their efforts with the whole company via announcements from our HR team.  

Also, this year, given the recent event involving the Francis Scott Key Bridge in our hometown, we thought it would be apropos for CPower to donate to a local organization, Blue Water Baltimore. Blue Water Baltimore’s mission is to restore the quality of Baltimore’s rivers, streams, and Harbor to foster a healthy environment, a strong economy and thriving communities. 

We appreciate our team members’ continued dedication to sustainability at CPower, for our customers and our planet. Not just on Earth Day, but every day. 

Are you interested in joining the CPower team in creating a clean, flexible and dependable energy future? Visit our Careers page to learn about professional opportunities: Careers at CPower. 

Heather Merrifield | Analyst, Data Acquisition – Operations 

Heather Merrifield is a data acquisition analyst for CPower’s Operations team and a member of the company’s Sustainability Employee Resource Group. 

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Heather Merrifield

Heather Merrifield

Heather Merrifield | Analyst, Data Acquisition – Operations 

Heather Merrifield
Heather Merrifield

Heather Merrifield | Analyst, Data Acquisition – Operations 

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