Batteries Included: The Impact of 2020 on Energy Storage and Energy Markets (Webinar)

June 15, 2020


As the country peeks ahead at returning to relative normalcy, the energy industry and organizations like yours are wondering what the future holds for energy storage in 2020 and beyond.

Join CPower for this 60-minute webinar to help gain expert insights into the following and more:

  • What regulatory issues concerning energy storage are attention-worthy?
  • Will the appetite for clean generation assets, like battery storage, return? How fast?
  • Are there new drivers for energy storage resulting from a 3-month national shutdown?
  • Should you still consider energy storage as a viable option for your organization? How can you pay for it?
  • How are energy storage developers looking to provide more value to customers?
  • When is the right time to get my projects back on track?

CPower’s team of experts answer these questions and more.

Presenters: Mathew Sachs, Rob Windle, Peter Dotson-Westphalen – CPower Ami BenHorin – Nextera Energy

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