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Maximize the Earning Potential of Your Energy Assets in Virginia

Right now, the electric grid is undergoing the most significant transformation in the history of electricity as it evolves toward a cleaner, more dependable, and sustainable future.

The energy assets your organization possesses, including curtailable electricity loads, have an opportunity to help balance the grid as it evolves while saving and earning money for your company in the process.

Over the last two decades, CPower helped hundreds of organizations like yours in Virginia earn significant revenue for helping the grid.

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Learn about the PJM programs available in Virginia.

To help maintain its grid reliability, PJM offers the following demand response programs, which pay organizations for using less energy when the grid is stressed or electricity prices are exceptionally high. Learn more about PJM here.

Capacity Performance (CP)—PJM’s capacity demand response program helps the grid maintain year-round reliability by reducing demand through curtailment events. Organizations that participate in the Capacity Performance program can earn money for being available to use less energy when the grid is stressed.

Participants pick a fixed level of consumption (Firm Service Level or FSL). When called upon by the grid operator, they will consume no more than that amount.

PJM’s Synchronized Reserves Program is available 24/7/365 and helps the grid react to short-term disturbances. Each hour, customers may offer a price at which they’re willing to be available to curtail if needed.

If their offer is accepted, they receive at least their offer price and must be on-call to curtail for up to 30 minutes to within 8 minutes of an event notification.

Peak Demand Management in PJM – Peak Demand Management or peak-shaving is the practice of an organization reducing its demand during times of peak grid stress to lower its capacity charges.

Energy Efficiency in PJM – PJM pays businesses for permanent load reduction resulting from energy efficiency projects they have completed or will be completed in the future. The program pays organizations capacity revenue for up to four years following the completion of a qualified project.

PJM’s Economic Load Response programs are available 24/7/365 and allow participating businesses to manage their electricity use in response to conditions in the wholesale energy market. Participants are notified when wholesale electricity prices are high and reduce their electric consumption, thereby minimizing the impact of price spikes, reducing the need for expensive capacity generation, and helping keep prices stable in the market.

PJM’s Frequency Regulation Program is available 24/7/365. Resources in the Frequency Regulation market must be able to respond within seconds to fluctuations between generation and consumption on the PJM grid.

Participating organizations earn money for being available to rapidly increase and decrease their usage in response to a dynamic signal and are measured on their ability to perform when signaled.

Backup Generators in PJM – Properly permitted, your backup generator can play a key role in your organization earning revenue with demand response and saving money with demand response.

CPower’s team of engineers can assess your generator and determine if it complies with the EPA’s rules for demand response participation to support the grid. If it does, CPower has the authority to officially certify your generator’s compliance with the EPA’s regulations, thereby clearing it for demand-side energy management participation.

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CPower helps the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Organizations Reduce Energy Use and Earn Revenue

CPower can help you earn additional revenue for your organization’s energy-saving efforts 

  • If you’ve completed an energy efficiency project within the last year and still own the capacity rights to the energy you reduced, CPower can likely offer your reduction into the PJM Capacity Market (RPM).
  • CPower’s team of experts will assess your energy efficiency project and officially confirm your permanent load reduction, which we’ll offer into the RPM.
  • Your organization can potentially earn quarterly payments for the next 4 years, continually helping to offset your total energy spend.
  • Your CPower team will be with you every step of the way and can help you earn even more revenue by participating in other PJM demand response programs. 

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The Latest from The Current

In 2019, CPower and  Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy (DMME) won the Virginia Energy Efficiency Leadership Council’s Leadership Award (Government) for DMME’s Demand Response Energy Efficiency Program. (Read about the City of Virginia Beach’s successful EE program.)”

The Commonwealth of Virginia earned $3.7 million with demand response… CPower helped and wrote the check.

From Left to Right: Leigh Anne; Jessica Lavender, Sr. Energy Analyst, Fairfax County Office of Environmental and Energy Coordination; Bryan Hill, Fairfax County Executive; and Nam Nguyen, State Energy Manager, DMM with another check from CPower earned from EE improvements.

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