Connecticut’s Energy Storage Solutions Program Helps C&I Customers

June 16, 2023

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Connecticut is at the forefront of the energy storage movement and CPower leads the way in helping customers deploy more batteries. 

The state recently recognized CPower as an early adopter of energy storage solutions by giving the company a Green Bank Award. CPower was one of the first Eligible Contractors to submit a storage project to Energy Storage Solutions, which offers incentives to reduce the cost of energy storage systems. The program is overseen by the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA), is paid for by electric ratepayers, and is administered by the Green Bank, Eversource and United Illuminating.  

CPower was awarded almost 40 MW of battery systems for the first tranche of the program, in which a total of 50 MW was awarded. The company has also submitted additional projects for the next stage of the program to help the state meet its energy storage goals.  

The second tranche of awards will include up to 100 MW in projects and is accepting applications today. Recognizing the benefits that energy storage has provided for customers and the state, CPower supports efforts to accelerate the awarding of incentives in the next stage of the Energy Storage Solutions program so that batteries spread across Connecticut faster.  

Incentives in New England states such as Connecticut help organizations reach their sustainability goals while improving facility resiliency and decreasing operations, maintenance and energy expenses. For example, Connecticut’s Energy Storage Solutions programoffers organizations upfront incentives for installed battery capacity plus performance-based incentives for dispatching the battery capacity to the grid. In doing so, the statewide battery program fosters a more reliable and resilient electric distribution system, especially for vulnerable communities. 

Commercial and industrial building owners can save money through the Energy Solutions Program by using batteries to reduce peak demand management charges. Incentives for C&I building owners include: 

    • Upfront incentives that reduce up to 50% of the battery’s cost in exchange for allowing the battery to reduce electrical grid stress on hot summer days for 10 years.  
    • Performance incentives paid twice a year for 10 years based on the average power the battery contributes to the grid during critical periods.  
    • Additional incentives for eligible small businesses, critical facilities, customers replacing fossil fuel generators and customers in outage-prone Grid Edge areas. 

As an example, a healthcare facility in Connecticut projected $186,000 in on-bill savings in the first year after installing a battery through CPower. Importantly, these on-bill savings are in addition to the performance incentives paid by utilities and grid operators. 

CPower has the largest dollar amount of C&I projects in the Energy Storage Solutions queue in Connecticut. It also leads all contractors in C&I projects underway. All told, CPower has more than 100 MW of C&I battery projects in the design phase across New England. 

CPower provides OnDemand Energy Storage  solutions for customers in Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. In working with CPower as an energy-storage-as-a-service (ESaaS) provider, New England facilities can reap energy storage benefits such as on-bill savings and grid services revenue without the upfront costs or responsibilities of ownership. 

CPower will design, install and operate a battery on an organization’s behalf — and cover all upfront costs, thereby allowing C&I customers to avoid the interconnection engineering, capital investment and O&M responsibilities associated with a battery project. 

Energy Storage Solutions projects done by CPower provide customers in Connecticut with a path to more affordable, resilient and greener energy.   

To learn more about CPower’s energy storage services, call us at 844-276-9371 or visit 


Philip Ciulla 

As Account Executive for New England for CPower, customers and team members alike look to Phil as a knowledgeable and trusted partner. For Phil, the feeling is definitely mutual. Born and raised in California, Phil now lives in New England. 

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Phil Ciulla

Account Executive | New England

Phil Ciulla

Account Executive | New England

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