CPower Acquires Leading Energy Efficiency Project Monetization Firm Electric Market Connection (EMC)

BALTIMORE, MD (July 15, 2019) — CPower announced today that it has acquired Electric Market Connection (EMC), a leading service provider of energy efficiency measurement and verification and project monetization services in the PJM market.

CPower is one of the largest providers of demand-side management solutions to commercial and industrial customers in the U.S., and this acquisition further strengthens its industry-leading service offerings.

EMC pioneered a strategy of aggregating energy efficiency projects to unlock additional value for its customer in PJM. Since 2010, EMC has been a leader in helping customers maximize their energy efficiency investments.

John Horton, CPower’s President and CEO, expressed EMC to be a strong acquisition, stating, “EMC specializes in qualifying and monetizing energy efficiency projects in the PJM Market. The EMC team has substantial industry experience and is committed to helping customers achieve their energy management goals and save on the costs of implementing energy efficiency projects. We are very excited to combine EMC’s expertise with CPower’s in order to better serve our joint customers.” Mr. Horton further added that CPower will continue to seek acquisition opportunities that create value for its customers by helping them save on energy costs.

Tim Seelaus, President of EMC, views the acquisition as an immediate opportunity for customers to expand their energy management strategies with a respected veteran service provider in CPower.

“CPower is an ideal fit for EMC customers and our team” Mr. Seelaus said. “CPower’s focus on customer experience drove the decision to move forward with the transaction.  We are especially excited to offer our customers many new opportunities to maximize energy savings.”

About CPower:

CPower is a leading demand-side energy management solutions provider that helps commercial, industrial and government organizations in the US and Canada save on energy costs, earn revenue through energy curtailment, enhance their sustainability efforts, and contribute to a balanced, reliable grid. CPower serves more than 1,900 customers across North America by helping them achieve their energy goals.

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