CPower clears approximately 30 percent of demand response capacity commitments in PJM Capacity Auction

Highlights opportunities for commercial and industrial businesses to

drive revenue, grid reliability

BALTIMORE – June 8, 2021 – CPower Energy Management (“CPower”) today announced that it has secured more than 30 percent of the cleared demand response capacity commitments in PJM Interconnection’s (“PJM”) Reliability Pricing Model (“RPM”) Base Residual Auction for the 2022/2023 delivery year. The results represent a substantial increase for CPower, who has for the last few years cleared around 20 percent of PJM’s available RPM demand response capacity commitments, further positioning the company as a leader for demand response in the RTO.

PJM operates a forward capacity market into which capacity resources participate by selling their available capacity to help PJM meet its forecasted load needed to ensure reliability in each delivery year. Once an RPM commitment has cleared the auction, the market participant is then obligated to deliver that capacity on June 1 of the designated delivery year. The 22/23 auction cleared capacity performance pricing at an average 30-70 percent lower than the 2021/2022 BRA.

“Customer interest in participating in demand response has remained strong over the years through many economic cycles and changes in capacity pricing,” said Kenneth Schisler, vice president – regulatory affairs, CPower. “Now more than ever, commercial and industrial customers understand the benefits that demand response programs can offer, both in driving predictable, repeatable revenue streams through their existing distributed energy resources as well as contributing to grid reliability.”

CPower helps more than 1,700 loyal, commercial and industrial customers, many of which are in PJM, successfully participate in the RPM. A market leader across many of the RTO’s major programs including RPM, Synchronized Reserves, Economic Load Response, Peak Demand Management, and Frequency Regulation, CPower helps its customers in PJM maximize the value of their electric loads, facility assets, and distributed energy resources.

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