CPower Applauds Michigan Public Service Commission for Unlocking Demand Response Opportunities for Big Box Retail and Other C&I Businesses

New MSPC Order is a Win for Single Site Customers or Corporates with Multiple Sites in Aggregate of 1MW or Greater, Who Are Now Eligible to Get Paid to Stabilize the Grid and Enable the Energy Transition Across the State

BALTIMORE – February 27, 2023 – Today CPower Energy (“CPower”), the national leader in unlocking the value of customer Distributed Energy Resources (DERs), announced its support for the Michigan Public Service Commission (MSPC)’s recent Order that clarifies that single site customers or corporate customers with multiple sites in aggregate of 1 MW or greater are eligible to participate in demand response programs in the state. The Order benefits big box retail stores and other commercial and industrial businesses who can get paid by reducing power when the grid is stressed and to help avoid the need for generation from fossil fuel peaker plants.

“We applaud the Commission for opening up the market for demand response aggregation in Michigan, which we view as a bellwether for other Midwestern states who are carefully looking at grid services and resource adequacy. With this Order, Michigan has confirmed that they understand the importance of unlocking the potential of existing assets as resources to support the grid and their communities by third party demand response aggregators. We are actively working with customers across the state in retail and other verticals to help them tap into demand response opportunities and help them unleash future opportunities as the proliferation of distributed energy resources continues,” said Peter Dotson-Westphalen, Senior Director – Market Development and Regulatory Affairs, CPower.

The MSPC Order relates to Michigan previously lifting a ban on Aggregators of Retail Customers (ARC) in the state. For years, many state commissions across the Midwest have been uncertain about their ability to regulate ARCs, although Michigan and other states are now reevaluating their approaches to demand response due to capacity shortfalls and the need to lower energy costs.

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