CPower Brings Customer Flexibility to New York’s First-in-the-Country Distributed Energy Resource Integration Program

As the first registered aggregator, CPower will bid virtual power plants into the New York DER Participation Model, allowing NYISO to unlock benefits for the grid through customer distributed energy resources

Baltimore – April 29, 2024 — CPower Energy (“CPower”), the leading, national distributed energy resource (DER) monetization and virtual power plant (VPP) provider, today announced that it is the first registered aggregator for the country’s first program to integrate aggregations of DERs into wholesale markets, the DER and Aggregation Participation Model program offered by the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO), the state’s grid operator.

“We applaud NYISO for its leadership in establishing the nation’s first program for integrating VPPs into wholesale markets,” said Michael Smith, CEO, CPower “This program is an important step forward for utilizing the full spectrum of value DERs can provide and will improve grid reliability as renewable integration grows. We’re honored to be one of few aggregators approved to bid into the program and look forward to working with NYISO stakeholders over the next few years to develop models to expand the reach of the program to smaller DERs and reduce remaining barriers to participation by larger customers.”

This landmark program allows DERs to be aggregated as VPPs to provide both wholesale services to the grid operator and retail services to utilities and load servers simultaneously. This allows grid operators to unlock the full benefits of VPPs for the resiliency and reliability of the grid, while also creating new revenue opportunities for commercial and industrial energy users and DER owners and developers.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approved the program on the same day that New York’s Public Service Commission formally instituted a major, multi-year Grid of the Future proceeding dedicated to vastly increasing grid flexibility in the Empire State. The Grid of the Future proceeding will dovetail with, and help build upon, the NYISO program by developing a grid flexibility study and plan outlining the current and future potential capabilities of flexible DERs across New York’s electric grid. The study will also identify near-term actions likely to increase the deployment and use of flexible resources and the improved integration of flexible resources into grid planning and grid operations. CPower will be participating in the Grid of the Future process to further unlock additional opportunities for its customers.

Customers interested in earning grid services revenue and reducing energy costs by helping NYSO improve grid flexibility can contact CPower to learn more:

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