CPower Expands Demand Response Program Throughout Illinois

Commercial and Industrial Customers in Central and Southern Illinois Can Get Paid to Reinforce the Grid

BALTIMORE – May 10, 2022 — CPower Energy Management (“CPower”), the leading, national energy management solutions provider, today announced it will expand its current demand response solutions in Chicago to commercial and industrial (C&I) customers served by Ameren Illinois in Central and Southern Illinois. CPower offers customers the opportunity to participate in demand response, a program that pays C&I businesses for committing to reduce power during critical periods when the power grid is under stress.

Today’s announcement follows CPower’s selection as a winning supplier in the Illinois Power Agency’s recent capacity auction to secure power supplies for the Central and Southern Illinois region. Instead of offering the output of power plants, CPower won the ability to meet the supply needs with committed capacity coming through demand response from its customers.

“Demand response is an innovative clean energy strategy to meet grid needs for peak-period flexibility without building power plants that sit idle most of the year,” said Glenn Bogarde, senior vice president – Sales, CPower. “Demand response has been an attractive program for customers in the Chicago area for years. Until this year, however, the value of the service to the power grid in Central and Southern Illinois was too low to make participation worthwhile for customers. We look forward to helping the customers create new, repeatable revenue streams, while connecting their flexible energy resources to help their community’s grid when it’s needed most.”

C&I customers in the Ameren Illinois territory can sign up now with CPower to secure their participation for 2023, and the company is also working with municipal and cooperative utilities to allow additional businesses to participate. CPower already works with nearly 2,000 customers at more than 12,000 sites across the U.S., and recently launched a new program to extend its services to residential customers in Pennsylvania.

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