CPower Expands Distributed Energy Resource Integration with AMPLY Power

CPower partners with leading Charging-as-a-Service provider for electric vehicle fleets to drive new revenue, flexibility at the grid edge

BALTIMORE – April 28, 2021 — CPower Energy Management (“CPower”), a leading energy solutions provider, today expanded its partner ecosystem with AMPLY Power to offer transmission and distribution grids the flexibility to integrate electric vehicle (EV) chargers as a distributed energy resource (DER). AMPLY is a leader in providing fully managed charging services to public sector and commercial businesses with EV fleets. Through the partnership, CPower and AMPLY will help keep the grid balanced during peak hours.

Estimates show that commercial fleets in the U.S. will grow to include eight million EVs by 2030. As a result, power consumption will increase up to 230 terawatt-hours-per-year or approximately 6% of current U.S. power generation, creating a market opportunity of approximately $15 billion for EV fleet charging1.

“As the paradigm shift toward distributed energy resources integration becomes a reality, together with our partners, we’re unlocking benefits on both sides of the meter to maximize the full value of the grid,” said Mathew Sachs, senior vice president – strategy and business development, CPower. “As assets like electric vehicles and their chargers grow in popularity, demand-side energy management programs will become an even bigger priority for grid operators and utilities. We’re excited to partner with an industry leader like AMPLY to offer additional flexibility to the industry.”

Leveraging its Charging-as-a-Service model, AMPLY makes it simpler for fleets to transition to EVs by assuming end-to-end responsibility for all charging aspects of the EV fleet. Paired with AMPLY’s proprietary back-end software, a customer’s utility costs are driven down by optimizing EV charging and other energy use at public and private depots. The Logan Bus Company, the largest school bus provider for the New York City Department of Education, will be the first project to leverage the new CPower-AMPLY partnership.

“We are excited to partner with a leading energy solutions provider like CPower to add value to the EV fleet industry by supporting grid operators as they balance energy demand and supply,” said Vic Shao, CEO of AMPLY Power. “Combined with managed charging strategies, onsite distributed energy resources provide an opportunity for fleets to be more energy resilient and reduce costs while strengthening their local grids.”

“Logan is happy to be a part of this dream team supporting the sustainability of the grid,” explained Corey Muirhead, Executive Vice President of Logan Bus Company. “With AMPLY and CPower at the helm, we know we are in good hands and will be well-positioned to play a vital role.”

CPower has one of the industry’s most comprehensive and agnostic-diverse ecosystems to integrate DERs, such as EVs and their chargers, battery storage, microgrids, renewables, virtual power plants and more, to balance supply and demand while helping organizations offset power costs.  Operating across North America, CPower offers more than 50 grid operator and utility energy programs to more than 1,700 commercial and industrial customers.

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CPower Energy Management is a leading, national energy solutions provider guiding customers towards a clean and dependable energy future. We maximize the value of our customers’ electricity loads, facility assets and distributed energy resources. With more than two decades of experience, we’ve grown to offer more than 50 local energy programs partnering with grid operators and utilities to more than 11,000 sites, delivering approximately 7,000 metric tons of CO2 reductions in 2020 alone. Our presence across North America allows us to manage more than 4.2 GW of customer capacity and provide energy to the grid when it’s needed most. CPower is based in Baltimore, Maryland and is owned by LS Power, a development, investment and operating company focused on the power and energy infrastructure sector. For more information, visit:


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AMPLY Power offers the only fully managed charging service to the public sector and commercial businesses looking for guaranteed performance and fixed fuel pricing for their electric vehicle fleets. Similar to how data centers optimize for high efficiency, low cost, and 99.99 percent uptime, the company uniquely takes on all components of fleet charging through its scalable Charging-as-a-Service approach. From system design and utility upgrades, to financing, charging infrastructure, and maintenance, AMPLY allows fleet operators to expand their zero-emissions operations with confidence and ease, in exchange for an optimized, price-per-mile-driven fee.

To learn more about how AMPLY takes the hassle and risk out of EV fleet operations, paving the way for accelerated EV adoption worldwide, please visit or LinkedIn and follow @AMPLYpower on Twitter.

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