Industry Leaders CPower and Foreman Unveil Groundbreaking Partnership to Maximize Mining Operations and Boost Demand Response Revenue

Foreman Integrates CPower’s EnerWise® Technology into Foreman’s Mining Platform to Optimize and Automate Participation in Demand Response

MIAMI – July 25, 2023 — Today at the Mining Disrupt Conference, CPower Energy (“CPower“), and OBM (“Foreman”) announced that they have partnered to integrate CPower’s EnerWise® Site Optimization technology (“EnerWise”) into Foreman’s mining management platform. CPower is the leading, national Distributed Energy Resource (DER) monetization and Virtual Power Plant (VPP) provider. Foreman is the industry’s leading miner management and curtailment software. The partnership improves the demand response functionality of Foreman’s software, allowing Foreman customers to optimize participation in demand response programs to generate maximum revenue while contributing to grid reliability.

The CPower and Foreman integration allows Foreman’s platform to optimize demand response enrollment and participation across numerous grid services programs. By integrating via CPower Connect, the partnership enables Foreman customers to automatically curtail their energy consumption during periods of peak grid demand. At present, CPower is the leading demand response provider enabling fast-acting programs with strike price automation capability.

“Our ongoing work with mining companies and the new partnership with Foreman is a much-needed solution to enable a more reliable grid,” said Glenn Bogarde, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, CPower. “Mining is energy-intensive, and by integrating our platform with  Foreman we are essentially helping each data center quickly and efficiently reduce their energy load to support the grid. This serves many benefits, including preventing blackouts and the need to turn on dirty peaker plants during high-demand periods.”

“Our partnership with CPower is an extension of our ongoing commitment to provide our customers with the most advanced mining management capabilities,” said Dan Lawrence, CEO and Co-founder, Foreman. “We’re constantly seeking opportunities to expand our offerings and provide the most innovative products for our customers’ ease-of-use that will simultaneously reduce energy loads and improve automation.”

This year, EnerWise was recognized by both the Edison Awards and the Environment+Energy Leader Awards for its innovative capabilities. EnerWise unlocks the maximum earning potential of behind-the-meter DERs by optimizing hourly bidding and scheduling across complex grid services markets and utility cost avoidance programs, helping energy managers and DER portfolio owners and operators achieve combined on-bill savings and grid services revenue. By simplifying participation and increasing customer revenues, EnerWise encourages the growth of VPPs, which allow grid operators to tap into DERs to ensure energy reliability while reducing the need for more polluting energy resources. The near real-time monitoring provided by EnerWise also allows grid operators to respond more quickly to changes in supply and demand to keep the grid in balance.

About CPower Energy
CPower Energy is the leading, national DER monetization and Virtual Power Plant provider, creating the Customer-Powered Grid™ that will enable a flexible, clean and dependable energy future. With 6.3 GW of capacity at more than 19,000 sites across the U.S., we unlock the full value of distributed energy resources to strengthen the grid when and where reliable, dispatchable resources are needed most. CPower is based in Baltimore, Maryland, and is owned by LS Power, a development, investment and operating company focused on the power and energy infrastructure sector. For more information, visit:

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Foreman is the industry leading miner management and curtailment software that enables mining operations of all sizes to manage their sites from anywhere. With a focus on simplicity, reliability, and performance, Foreman is helping miners worldwide optimize their operations and maximize their profits. For more information, visit:


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