CPower Embraces the Changing ERCOT Energy Market Through the Strategic Leadership of Joe Hayden

BALTIMORE, MD — CPower Energy Management, a national leader in demand-side energy management solutions, has appointed Joe Hayden to lead their Texas-based ERCOT sales and fulfillment teams.

“With recent generation plant closures and increased energy consumption, the ERCOT market is experiencing a lot of evolution and change. A future where demand-side management is an even greater function of grid reliability and energy spend management is very plausible,” said Glenn Bogarde, CPower’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “To ensure CPower’s success in managing these changes and creating more opportunities for our customers, the addition of Mr. Hayden is essential.” Bogarde added, “Joe’s proven experience in aligning solutions to specific customer needs in complex and evolving markets will be a significant benefit to CPower and the customers we serve in ERCOT.”

A Texas native and graduate of Texas Tech University, Mr. Hayden has more than 27 years of management experience leading sales teams for Fortune 100 companies such as GE, Motorola, Ericsson, and Tyco where he exceeded growth expectations across numerous industries.   

“Regardless of industry segment, the customer is always, always number one. Providing him or her with the solution that fully addresses their needs is the ultimate goal, and the ultimate satisfaction,” Mr. Hayden said. “What drew me to CPower is their complete dedication to solving complex business problems and serving the customer as a trusted advisor. That’s a philosophy I have embraced throughout my career, and I eagerly look forward to applying it to the energy arena in my own home state of Texas.”

About CPower:

CPower is a demand-side energy management solutions provider. We help organizations of all types in the open U.S. energy markets save on energy costs, earn revenue through energy curtailment, enhance their sustainability efforts, and contribute to a balanced, reliable grid. We create customized energy strategies designed to help our customers achieve success through demand response and demand management programs including automated curtailment, storage, and energy efficiency monetization.

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