CPower Expands EnerWise® to 40 New Sites Across PJM, Launches in New England

Groundbreaking Site Optimization Solution Launches Across ISO-NE Following Success in the Largest Energy Market in the US to Help More DER Owners and Operators Maximize Combined Grid Revenue and On-Bill Savings


BOSTON – February 22, 2023 – Today at RE+ Northeast, CPower Energy (“CPower”), the national leader in unlocking the value of customer Distributed Energy Resources (DERs), announced that nearly 40 commercial and industrial sites will be enabled by its energy optimization technology, EnerWise® Site Optimization, to boost power reliability across PJM, the largest grid operator in the US. EnerWise offers greater predictability, flexibility and automation to manage and monetize customer-owned DERs across multiple energy markets and utility programs simultaneously, maximizing combined grid services revenue and on-bill savings while enhancing grid stability. The company has seen strong interest in EnerWise from DER owners and operators across crypto mining, government, education, manufacturing, retail and other commercial sectors who want to gain access to new value streams from their behind-the-meter DERs, such as energy storage and distributed generation.

In addition to its growing commercial success in PJM, CPower announced today that EnerWise is now available throughout ISO-NE. DER owners and operators in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont can now maximize the value of their assets across the ISO-NE capacity, energy and reserve markets; utility and state demand response programs; and on-bill programs.

New England and PJM Businesses Can Tap Automation with EnerWise to More Than Double Revenue

Through its dynamic hourly scheduling customized for each site, EnerWise ensures each DER is allocated to the most lucrative available programs on an hourly basis, with each site averaging a 54% increase in grid revenues.

“The sheer number of grid programs and bill savings opportunities available makes monetizing energy assets a complex undertaking. Through our optimization solution, DERs can generate value from, bill savings, demand response and other grid services in a way that will maximize our customers’ financial returns so that they can be reinvested into operational or sustainability initiatives. We look forward to continuing the momentum we’ve seen in PJM by introducing the solution to our customers across New England, a market where energy storage has proliferated to support critical facilities and our communities,” said Mathew Sachs, Senior Vice President – Strategy, CPower.

EnerWise has been named a finalist in the prestigious 2023 Edison Awards. DER owners and operators interested in learning more about EnerWise can visit CPower at Booth # 613 during RE+ Northeast from February 22-23, 2023, at the Westin Boston Seaport District in Boston, MA. Learn more:

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