CPower to Bolster Grid Stability with Resideo and Google Nest 

Beginning This Summer, Consumers Receive Incentives For Helping Form Grid-Balancing, Virtual Power Plants Through Their Personal Thermostats

BALTIMORE – April 19, 2022 — Leading national energy solutions provider CPower Energy Management (“CPower”) today announced an expansion of its existing residential portfolio through a new demand response partnership with Resideo Technologies (NYSE:REZI), a leading global provider of home comfort and security solutions and a distributed energy resource management system, and Google Nest. When grid reliability is needed, CPower will dispatch Resideo’s Honeywell Home-branded smart thermostats and Google Nest smart thermostats to form virtual power plants that deliver power to PJM Interconnection, the largest grid operator in the U.S. During the inaugural year of the Connected Savings program, which begins on June 1 ahead of the Summer peak season, customers that  participate in the program will receive incentives.

“As we kick off our partnership with Resideo in the PJM market, we’ll have the opportunity to reward smart energy users while benefiting the local grid,” said Mathew Sachs, senior vice president, strategy and development, CPower. “Beyond smart thermostats, Resideo has other residential loads that can be leveraged to create virtual power plants and provide even greater energy resilience.”

“Our goal at Resideo is to make energy-saving program participation as convenient and as expansive as possible in order to help facilitate decarbonization of the grid,” said Phil Theodore, President of Products & Solutions at Resideo. “CPower’s respected energy market expertise will provide our customers with a seamless experience that rewards them for relieving demand on the grid and contributing to a more sustainable environment.” 

CPower has been helping PJM maintain grid reliability for more than two decades through various demand response and ancillary service programs, which pay organizations for using less energy when the grid is stressed or electricity prices are exceptionally high. Beyond helping commercial and industrial customers maximize the value of their Distributed Energy Resources (DERs), CPower already helps its partners in PJM monetize residential water heaters and HVAC systems to bring demand flexibility to the grid. Nationally, CPower manages more than 5.3 GW of DER capacity.  


About CPower Energy Management

CPower Energy Management is a leading, national energy solutions provider guiding customers towards a clean and dependable energy future. We manage more than 5.3 GW of customer capacity across the U.S., forming virtual power plants that are good for the grid and great for the community. CPower maximizes the value of our customers’ electricity loads, facility assets and distributed energy resources while delivering flexibility, capacity and other ancillary services to the grid. With more than two decades of experience, we’ve grown to offer more than 55 local energy programs, partnering with grid operators and utilities to serve more than 12,000 sites, delivering approximately 7,000 metric tons of CO2 reductions in 2020 alone. CPower is based in Baltimore, Maryland and is owned by LS Power, a development, investment and operating company focused on the power and energy infrastructure sector. For more information, visit: 

About Resideo Energy Management

Resideo’s Energy Management business offers peak demand reduction, automated energy efficiency, behavioral energy efficiency, and automated time of use for customers across the U.S. Resideo’s energy-saving devices helped its customers save 1.2 Billion Kilowatt hours in 2020. Already working with major utilities across the nation, the company recently expanded to include additional distributed energy resources. For additional information, visit 

About Resideo

Resideo is a leading global manufacturer and distributor of technology-driven products and solutions that provide comfort, security, energy efficiency and control to customers worldwide. Building on a 130-year heritage, Resideo has a presence in more than 150 million homes, with 15 million systems installed in homes each year. We continue to serve more than 110,000 professionals through leading distributors, including our ADI Global Distribution business, which exports to more than 100 countries from nearly 200 stocking locations around the world. For more information about Resideo, please visit 

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