CPower Launches EnerWiseTM Site Optimization

New Artificial Intelligence-Based Service Helps C&I Energy Users Maximize Value of DERs Through Grid and On-Bill Savings, While Forming Virtual Power Plants Designed to Boost Community Resilience

BALTIMORE – December 15, 2021 – CPower Energy Management (“CPower”), a leading, national energy solutions provider, today announced EnerWiseTM Site Optimization — a new service powered by artificial intelligence that makes insight-driven decisions to enable Distributed Energy Resources’ (DERs) participation across on-bill savings and available grid services programs. The service optimizes and automates behind-the-meter assets, helping energy users achieve resiliency and ESG goals while supporting a clean energy future.

With approximately $230 million in revenue to be paid to customers in 2021, CPower is building on its established record for driving demand-side solution monetization by helping its customers maximize the value of resources like back-up generation and energy storage. The company also has a legacy of helping energy users achieve resiliency and sustainability through demand-side solutions. With nearly 2,000 customers at over 11,000 sites across the U.S CPower has more than 4.5 GW of capacity under management, forming virtual power plants that are good for the grid and great for the community.

How EnerWise Site Optimization Works

As energy storage and distributed generation adoption surges, it is becoming increasingly challenging for energy users to realize the latent value in these DER assets. EnerWise Site Optimization models a facility’s historical and real-time energy usage, as well as analyzes dynamics across the wholesale energy market, to create a customized hourly allocation schedule that maximizes the value of each energy asset. An omni-directional grid can be created by optimizing DERs through data-driven insights that learn from previous events to help model smarter performance over time, turning each energy user into a grid-balancing asset.

EnerWise Site Optimization displays a day-ahead schedule with estimated financial return customized for each site through the CPower App user interface, so that energy users understand how each DER is being allocated to available programs on an hourly basis, within the parameters of the hardware and any permitting or incentive structures. By learning from previous outcomes, EnerWise Site Optimization helps businesses achieve immediate and seasonal revenue streams, with early projects averaging a 54% increase in revenue through available grid services programs and on-bill savings. 

“This service will support energy users’ resiliency and cost-saving needs, with new technology that builds on CPower’s history of maximizing the value of our customers’ distributed energy resources. At the same time, EnerWise Site Optimization provides critical services to the grid that are necessary to achieving a reliable, renewable energy future for all,” said Mathew Sachs, SVP of Strategy and Business Development, CPower.  

Leading industry project developers and operators, such as Scale Microgrid Solutions, are supporting the real-time energy intelligence capabilities of EnerWise Site Optimization:  

“Scale helps its customers establish more reliable, sustainable and affordable power through its microgrid solutions,” said Duncan Campbell, Vice President, Scale Microgrid Solutions. “CPower is raising the industry bar on what project developers and their end-use customers can achieve through DER optimization, further extending the value and reliability of their operations.” 

Achieve the Best Economics in PJM Through Grid and On-Bill Value Streams

The AI-based EnerWise Site Optimization is available today in PJM, enabling C&I businesses to maximize the value of their DERs through Capacity Performance, Synchronized Reserve, Real-Time and Day-Ahead Economic (LMP), Frequency Regulation, Coincident Peak Management (5CP), Demand Charge Management, and Energy Savings (TOU or Index) programs. CPower plans to roll out EnerWise Site Optimization in additional markets in 2022.

“EnerWise Site Optimization will augment the revenues received from capacity by adding and automating energy and ancillary service programs that generate incremental financial return to demand response customers. Some programs – such as Frequency Regulation and Synchronized Reserves in PJM — have traditionally been challenging for users to participate in as they have historically required hands-on attention to manage scheduling and dispatch. The AI-capabilities of EnerWise Site Optimization combined with CPower’s market expertise will remove these barriers and help users stack their assets across all possible revenue streams,” said Millie Knowlton, Senior Manager – Distributed Energy Strategy and Business Development, CPower. 

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CPower Energy Management is a leading, national energy solutions provider guiding customers towards a clean and dependable energy future. We manage more than 4.5 GW of customer capacity across North America, forming virtual power plants that are good for the grid and great for the community. CPower maximizes the value of our customers’ electricity loads, facility assets and distributed energy resources while delivering flexibility, capacity and other ancillary services to the grid. With more than two decades of experience, we’ve grown to offer more than 50 local energy programs, partnering with grid operators and utilities to serve more than 11,000 sites, delivering approximately 7,000 metric tons of CO2 reductions in 2020 alone. CPower is based in Baltimore, Maryland and is owned by LS Power, a development, investment and operating company focused on the power and energy infrastructure sector. For more information, visit: 


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