CPower to help reduce electricity demand during peak hours in National Grid’s New England service territory

Offers Massachusetts and Rhode Island Business Customers New National Grid Demand Response Program to Boost Energy Savings

BALTIMOREMarch 28, 2017

CPower, a leading provider of demand side management services to commercial and industrial customers, announced it has been selected by National Grid to provide demand response services to help reduce up to 45 MW of energy use during peak hours in the utility’s service territory.

National Grid’s electricity business customers in Massachusetts and Rhode Island can now earn up to $35,000/MW and become more energy efficient by participating in this innovative demand reduction program launched in late January. The two-year program could save enough energy during summer peak hours to power more than 20,000 homes — roughly the size of the town of Medford, MA or East Providence, RI.

“We are pleased to offer this innovative program that will give customers the technology and information they need to make more informed choices about energy-efficiency,” said Carlos Nouel, Vice President of New Energy Solutions, National Grid. “National Grid hopes to demonstrate that this program and others like it are cost-effective game changers that will revolutionize how customers and business use and budget for their energy.”

“As a leading energy management company with over 15 years of demand response experience in New England and nationwide, CPower is well positioned to provide National Grid with the demand side resources required to meet the region’s aggressive energy management goals,” said Glenn Bogarde, Senior Vice President, CPower.  “Large energy users who register to participate in this new incentivized program now have the opportunity to reduce their electricity spend in 2017 and beyond while simultaneously supporting grid reliability.”

The National Grid program offers financial incentives to qualified participating businesses for reducing electricity consumption during times when demand for electricity is at its highest. When notified by National Grid about grid events, CPower will ask participating customers to reduce electric use for at least 20 hours over the summer, typically in one-to-four hour increments. Participating businesses are eligible to receive up to $35 for every kilowatt-hour curtailed during these reduction periods.

Commercial and industrial customers who are interested in the new National Grid program from CPower can learn more by visiting

About National Grid

National Grid is an electricity and natural gas delivery company that connects nearly 7 million customers to vital energy sources through its networks in New YorkMassachusetts and Rhode Island. It is the largest distributor of natural gas in the Northeast. National Grid also operates the systems that deliver gas and electricity across Great Britain. Through its U.S. Connect21 strategy, National Grid is transforming its electricity and natural gas networks to support the 21st century digital economy with smarter, cleaner, and more resilient energy solutions. Connect21 is vital to our communities’ long-term economic and environmental health and aligns with regulatory initiatives in New York (REV: Reforming the Energy Vision) and Massachusetts (Grid Modernization). For more information please visit our website, follow us on Twitter, watch us on YouTube, friend us on Facebook, or find our photos on Instagram.

About CPower 

CPower is an energy management company. We create optimized energy management strategies that help businesses streamline their energy usage, offset costs through demand response participation and reach their sustainability goals. CPower is a leading provider of demand side management services to commercial and industrial customers across the U.S. with 25+ years of knowledge and experience in helping customers implement intelligent energy management programs. Follow CPower on Twitter @cpowerenergy, connect with us on LinkedIn, and learn more about our demand-side offerings at

CPower Contact: Joe Stickney