Geneva Businesses Get Paid for Reducing Power Use to Ensure the Community’s Lights Stay On

The City of Geneva today showcased the value that area businesses have received by working with CPower Energy (“CPower”), the city’s demand response and energy efficiency program administrator. CPower’s demand response program pays Geneva-area business for conserving energy when the grid is stressed. For example, by reducing their energy through strategies such as shutting down HVAC units or turning off non-essential lights, three manufacturing businesses this past Fall received a portion of a $125,000 payment from CPower for being ready to help the PJM grid when needed.

These businesses, as well as cold storage, education, water treatment and other commercial facilities across Geneva, have signed on with CPower to be called on to assist PJM during grid emergencies, as well as to respond to sudden, short-term grid reliability needs in the Synch Reserve program.

“Demand response is really a win-win for all involved. We applaud Geneva-area businesses for supporting our community and economy by creating a more resilient electric grid. Opening this program up to the City of Geneva has also given these businesses the opportunity to fund new efficiency projects and continue their growth in the community,” said Kellen Bollettino, Account Executive – PJM and MISO, CPower.

CPower works closely with municipalities across IL. Organizations who are interested in earning demand response revenue for the upcoming year can enroll with CPower today, ahead of the May 15 deadline.

More information will also be available during CPower’s upcoming webinar for PJM businesses on Tuesday, January 31 @ 12:00pm CT. Register:


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